Climbing back from the brink with Kevin Berthia

Episode #5

After my interview with first responder, Sergeant Kevin Briggs, I KNEW I had to track down Kevin Berthia, 'the man on the bridge', to hear more of his story.

Listen in as Kevin shares his story of adoption, loneliness, helplessness, love, hope and self-worth - all punctuated by his very-public attempted suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Berthia made international headlines in 2005 when that gut-wrenching 90-minute ordeal went viral (Google 'Kevin Berthia' to see the harrowing photo). Find out why it took YEARS after the attempt to finally find hope.

This episode was powerful - prepare to be inspired. The discussion tackles toxic masculinity, the issues around men showing emotion, why men suppress their feelings, and what Kevin wishes others had done to help support him when he was suicidal.

Kevin is a sought-after public speaker and a passionate advocate for suicide prevention, acting as a example that depression recovery is possible for everyone.


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