I Never Knew I Had An Anger Management Problem Until I Had Kids

I remember when my eldest daughter was nearly two years old, and I was adjusting to having a newborn and a toddler, I found this rage within me that I had never experienced before. It scared me.

I reached out to my high school friend Karina (who has three boys a bit older than my kids) and I will never forget what she told me. 

Karina said, “Heidi, you’re totally normal. I never knew I had an anger management problem until I had kids.”

Do you ever ‘lose it’ with your kids?

Or have that rage that sneaks up on you and feels impossible to stop? 

If you share this in common with Karina and I... please know that you’re not alone. 

This is a snippet from a recent Q&A call with one of my students who asked ‘I get so angry with my kids - I can’t see it coming and I can’t make it stop.’

The good news is there are a few quick techniques you can implement to cool things off and prevent yourself from erupting (over and over and over ... and over again…).

Listen in on my advice for managing explosive anger and a shout out to one of my favorite books of all time on the topic - one that's transformed my relationship with anger.


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