Tell The Others

Tell The Others

Hosted by: Heidi Rogers

Listen in as clinical psychotherapist Heidi Rogers speaks with ordinary people about their extraordinary lives. Heidi also provides professional insight into some of parenting's toughest challenges. Uplifting tales of...

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I Never Knew I Had An Anger Management Problem Until I Had Kids

I remember when my eldest daughter was nearly two years old, and I was adjusting to having a newborn and a toddler, I found this rage within me that I had never experienced before. It scared me.I reached out to my...
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Climbing back from the brink with Kevin Berthia

Episode #5

After my interview with first responder, Sergeant Kevin Briggs, I KNEW I had to track down Kevin Berthia, 'the man on the bridge', to hear more of his story.Listen in as Kevin shares his story of adoption, loneliness,...
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Suicide Prevention and Crisis Negotiation With Sergeant Kevin Briggs

Episode #1

Heidi speaks with retired California Highway Patrolman Kevin Briggs (aka: The Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge) about his suicide prevention work, his time as a crisis negotiator, managing depression on the job,...
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Harnessing the Power of Breath With Siobhan Macleod

Episode #2

Meet breathwork guru and founder of The Breathwork Shed, Siobhan Macleod. Heidi and Siobhan explore the benefits of breathwork on the body, heart and mind and uncover the why behind the practice. Get a Breathwork 101...
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Beating Cancer and Refreshing Your Mindset With Yasmin Gaté

Episode #3

Art teacher and Tiny Cupboard Creatives founder Yaz Gaté talks beating cancer in 2019, finding purpose in life, developing a new mindset around risk, using art to connect with refugees and the amazing healing power of...
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