How to parent a teenager

I wanted to share a recent question I received in my parenting group about teenagers and their unique challenges.

It opened a HUGE can of worms as I honed in on the real issue behind this mom’s concerns - a loss of control.

Q: “My 17-year-old is staying in her room and isolating, not talking to us as much as she used to. I’m worried something is going on. Can you help?”

It’s such a classic scenario that can lead to feelings of rejection, sadness and a loss of control for parents.

But is ‘control’ the best way to parent?

Will it get them to confide in you when they’re under pressure to take drugs, have sex or engage in the kind of risk-taking activities that teens are wired to explore?

Or will it push them away?

If you’d like some insight into what’s ‘normal’ for teenagers (even if your kids aren’t there yet!) - and why we need to parent them differently - you won’t want to miss this podcast from a recent Q&A call.


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