Why does my child have anxiety when their life seems pretty easy?

One of the common questions I hear in my private practice is ‘Why does my child have anxiety, especially when they have nothing to be stressed about?’

While it’s easy to view their anxiety as ‘attention seeking’ or ‘being dramatic’, the key message they need from us is: you are safe, and I can help you.

With that in mind, we need to reframe the way we view anxiety and understand how - and why - it shows up in our children.

Join me as I dive into the origins of anxiety, how it manifests in our own lives, and how we can extend more compassion (rather than annoyance) when our children are anxious.

Masterclass: How To Support A Child With Anxiety (All Ages)

Join Heidi in this 3 hour masterclass to gain a better understanding of what's driving your child's anxious moments, what to focus on (and what to avoid), and get the proven strategies to help them manage their anxiety.


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