Heal Your Relationship With Dieting And Find Freedom In Food

Mental Health Social Worker and nutritionist Vanessa Preston joins me to discuss the ways women are healing their relationship with their bodies and making room in their lives to pursue what's -actually- important to them.

Her online program, the Body And Food Freedom Project, has received rave reviews from my clients, my friends, and moms in my parenting program, and I'm super keen to share her message because I think it's so important for everyone to hear.

Vanessa's refreshing take on diet culture helps put to bed that voice that says we're somehow 'defective' because we're 'not perfect yet'.

Learn more about Vanessa's Body And Food Freedom Program here (the next intake closes on Monday March 7, 2022!)


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Website: https://greenlifepsychology.com/the-body-food-freedom-project/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vanessaprestonglp


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