Coping Skills: What they are, and how to build them for ourselves AND our kids

No matter how mentally healthy, resilient, or happy you are, we all go through times when we’re faced with something difficult.

Join Heidi and guest Janine Halloran as they discuss the coping methods that suit unique personalities, and how to identify your own coping skills.

What to expect in the episode: 

  • What is a coping skill, and why is it important?
  • How do parents implement coping skills?
  • In what ways can parents model good coping skills?
  • Coping skills change throughout your life. Why?
  • How to learn new coping skills that are best for you
  • Do people have different coping mechanisms?


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[01:56] How Janine started creating coping skills for kids

[04:00] The challenges therapists/moms face

[05:54] How parents often deal with anger and frustration

[06:52] Coping evolved at different times throughout life

[10:33] Showing respect to other people's ways of coping

[12:12] Do the same coping skills work for everyone?

[13:30] Categorizing coping skills

[19:02] Is it okay to use distraction as a coping skill?

[20:21] The importance of play in adulthood

[24:52] How to identify your unique coping skills

[25:41] Why it’s important to understand your personality

[26:35] Using social media to strengthen family bonds

[27:30] Should parents play video games with their kids?

[32:09] Mistakes are an important part of learning

[33:30] What to do when your child is a perfectionist

[34:30] Books to support children in making mistakes

[40:38] Every human is a work in progress

[42:37] What did coping skills look like in your home?

[45:13] Write your skills and make a plan


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