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Understanding Your SPICY Child

Discover why connecting with your SPICY child is so challenging, what to do if their behavior is triggering, and how to give them the support they need.

What you'll learn:

  • What To Do When 'Nothing Else Works'
  • How to support a child who gets angry or upset quickly and finds it hard to calm down
  • Strategies for preventing, navigating and reducing meltdowns
  • The best ways you can support YOURSELF in staying calm
  • What it's like internally for the kid who is always getting in trouble. What thought patterns motivate their behavior?

What People Are Saying:

My SPICY kid is 15 and this is the first time I have found/read/seen anything that actually describes her and the challenges we've had. Everything you present in the video is really helpful so far and it's been great to get some background into why she behaves the way she does. I feel like this masterclass was a beacon of light, and from only watching it the once so far I have a few mantras that my husband and I are using, which is great.

Mom of a 15yo

Oh my goodness, in just the past two days since I've started educating myself on how to better deal with my daughter, it has been lif changing!!! I am so incredibly thankful I stumbled on Heidi. I'm so excited to recommend this masterclass to any other parents I run into who might need it. So excited to learn more!

Nicole, Mom of a 5yo

The masterclass was awesome. I've searched online and seen psychologists before, but I have never had someone truly understand my child as Heidi does. We have seen an instant change in our child, she is happier and we are all less stressed! The most amazing change is that she is now talking about her feelings and we grab those opportunities to gently explore. We have shed many happy tears seeing the changes in her.

Louise, Mom

Hearing you describe a SPICY kid brought me to tears after repeating this cycle of frustration in our house for two years now. It was the first time we felt like someone understood our little guy and what we were all feeling. It was the first time I felt like we weren't alone in this! After the class we feel like we can breathe, and that we have tools to approach how to talk with him. A weight has been lifted from our house! Thank you so much.

Colleen, Mom

I felt so lost and defeated because I didn't know how to help my daughter. You helped me gain confidence in knowing that it's ok to let her just be. I don't have to discipline her and the 'keep her in line' mentality, which is of course how I was raised. Anyway, all this is to say thank you! I'm so glad I found your masterclass, it has really helped.

Mom of 2.5 year old