Therapy isn't the only pathway to healing

self-healing Aug 12, 2022

Ever wondered if transformation was possible for you, or if healing yourself was even an option outside of therapy?

I chatted with my colleague and fellow therapist, Tom Ahern this week, all about our journeys in self-healing and managing our mental health.

It was fascinating to dive deep into the topic and explore the idea that therapy isn’t the only route to self-healing (pretty wild - coming from two therapists!).

Some of the questions we discuss:

  • What does self-healing mean anyway? 
  • Why do you call it an 'art'?
  • What do you know about self-healing?
  • What's your experience with self-healing?
  • How do you know it's effective?
  • How does therapy fit into the picture?
  • What would you say to someone who feels stuck and is having a hard time in their own self-healing?


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