How to Support Your Child’s Emotional Needs

emotions Jan 17, 2022

Rather than calling your kids ‘naughty’ or labelling them as ‘misbehaving’, try reframing it in your mind by applying this overarching truth – all behavior is communication.

When you do that, you get curious. ‘What are they trying to communicate to me right now? Is it possible that they’re feeling frustrated because they’ve been stuck inside for days and days and days? Is it possible they’re missing their friends? Is it possible they’re feeling a lot of big feelings and they don’t know how to manage them? Could all of this be contributing to increased sibling rivalry?’

If all behavior is communication, then get curious about what they’re trying to communicate with you. Ask yourself, “How can I build connection in this moment? Is what I’m about to say going to build connection, or disconnection? And if it’s going to build disconnection, can I not say it, or can I say it in a different way that promotes connection?”

Connection is really the core of everything we want to be doing right now with our kids, especially given the circumstances.