Connecting With Your Kids Is Everything

connnection Jan 14, 2022

Connecting With Your Kids - Benefits

This clip was taken from a presentation I ran with a group of TeamKids educators in January last year, and it’s equally relevant for parents.
Connecting with your children meets their core needs for safety, security and belonging.
It ALSO acts as a form of preventative ‘maintenance’…
If your kids feel more connected to you, they’ll be more compliant and more likely to cooperate with you throughout the day.
Prioritizing connection is best done BEFORE the tantrum, power struggle or meltdown because our connection ‘deposits’ accumulate throughout the day.
This means the challenging, connection-seeking behavior won’t manifest because they feel safe and secure with you.

Video Transcript: Connecting With Your Kids

** Note – transcript is automatically generated and lightly edited

So one, preventative maintenance. Y’all know that if you spend the time at the beginning of your shift, being connected with the kids, especially your tricky ones that you know, they’ll have a better day, a better shift with you, huh?

Prevention is so much… When parents say to me, “And then we got to the shops, and the kids were running wild and and someone’s laying on the floor having a tantrum”, the first thing I think is, “You didn’t do enough connection before”, and maybe food and sleep and stuff like that, but connection is everything.

If your child or your kids feel connected to you, they’re more compliant, they’re more into cooperation. But you prevent a lot of the crappy behavior and the frustrating stuff if you do some preventative connection building, especially with your tricky ones and your challenging kiddos.

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