Supporting An Anxious Child:

Full Masterclass (Parts 1 & 2)

Understand why your child is anxious, teach them the tools to lower their anxiety, and feel empowered in the role you can play as their support person. (Applicable for all ages)

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Supporting An Anxious Child: Full Masterclass (Parts 1 & 2)

Understand why your child is anxious, teach them the tools to lower their anxiety, and feel empowered in the role you role you can play as their support person. (Applicable for all ages)

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Feel Confident and Empowered

Learn how to help your child when 'the usual' strategies don't seem to work and you're feeling helpless as a parent.

Your Anxiety Management Toolkit

Equip yourself with my Top 10 evidence-based strategies to support your child.


Explore the power of self-compassion and learn why the 'I'm not good enough' voice makes anxiety so much worse.

Why We Have Anxiety

Identify the symptoms of anxiety and its root causes so you can take early action to address it.

What NOT To Do

Understand the 3 common mistakes we make (unintentionally!) when trying to help our anxious  kids.

Most Current Research on Anxiety

Learn what the most progressive anxiety research is saying and find out why parenting with a brain + body approach is the missing piece in your home.

3-hour Masterclass & Unlimited Replays

Supporting An Anxious Child: Why Loving Them Just Isn’t Enough
was created to give parents the proven strategies you need to feel confident and empowered in helping your children manage their anxiety.

Join Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers in this 3 hour masterclass to understand what's driving your child's anxiety, learn what to focus on (and what to avoid), and equip yourself with the tools that current research says are most helpful.

Some of the questions Heidi will answer:

  • Is it normal for my child's anxiety to morph into angry outbursts?
  • Why is my child so anxious when nothing 'bad' has ever happened to them?
  • What are the best ways to support them when anxiety strikes?
  • What do I do when my partner says 'they're just doing it for attention'?
  • How should I manage my OWN anxiety? I'm struggling too.
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These are some of the questions Heidi answers on the call...

  • "What do I say to my child who has stomach pains due to nervousness?"
  • "Why is my daughter anxious? We don’t put any pressure on her."
  • "How can I help my daughter when she is having a panic attack?"
  • "What’s the impact of my anxiety as a parent? How can I manage it so my kids don’t escalate?"
  • "My teen seems to be anxious, but sometimes we think she’s just antisocial. We’re worried she’ll lose all of her friends. She hasn’t been to a birthday party or any other social event for over a year now. Are we being naive thinking she is just a loner and doesn’t like people. We’re really worried for her but she won’t let us in when we try to talk about it."
  • "How do I support my child who wants to do show and tell but is also very anxious to do so?"
  • "Is there a quick process I can teach my school-aged kids to support them if they’re away from home and feeling anxious?"
  • "Our son’s anxiety is so high that he totally loses it every time we try to go out and do something new as a family. It’s at the point where we no longer even try because it’s not worth it. I know this isn’t fair to our other son, who is missing out on so much because of his brother. It also makes me feel guilty and frustrated as a mom that he’s dictating our life. I’m even growing resentful of him. Is there something we can do?"

Anxiety Masterclass

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3-hour masterclass (parts 1 & 2)
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Unlimited replays

Anxiety Management Cheat Sheet (management strategies, prevention and reflection prompts for parents)
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Anxiety Masterclass
PLUS Q&A Replay

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Exclusive Q&A call package
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3-hour masterclass (parts 1 & 2)
($197 value)

Unlimited replays

1hr + Q&A Call Replay answering the top questions asked by parents after the masterclass 
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BONUS Webinar - COVID Kids: How The Pandemic Is Affecting The Next Generation
($97 value)

BONUS Webinar - Feelings And Frenemies - understanding friendships, bullying and how to empower your child socially ($97 value)

Anxiety Management Cheat Sheet (management strategies, prevention and reflection prompts for parents)
($27 value)



What Others Are Saying About  Working With Heidi...

Nicole, Mom of a 5yo

"Oh my goodness, in just the past two days since I've started educating myself on how to better deal with my daughter, it has been lif changing!!! I am so incredibly thankful I stumbled on Heidi. I'm so excited to recommend her to any other parents I run into who might need it. So excited to learn more!"

Annie, Mom of a 15yo

"This is the first time I have found/read/seen anything that actually describes my daughter and the challenges we've had. Everything you present is really helpful so far and it's been great to get some background into why she behaves the way she does. I feel like this was a beacon of light."

Louise, Mom

"I've searched online and seen psychologists before, but I have never had someone truly understand my child as Heidi does. We have seen an instant change in our child, she is happier and we are all less stressed! The most amazing change is that she is now talking about her feelings and we grab those opportunities to gently explore. We have shed many happy tears seeing the changes in her."

Kimberley, Mom of Twins

"Now I feel equipped versus just trying to fumble through, which is what every parent does. Heidi has changed my life."

Sarah, Mom of Teens

"Our relationship with our daughter was around 1 out of 10. Today, we have 9 or 9.5 moments. Heidi's given us everything, really."

Kathrin, Mom of Three

"I really want to let you know how powerful the information has been for me personally. I'd tried several techniques with my daughter but nothing helped. It's freeing to know there is another way to help her."

Emily, Mom of Three

"Absolutely LOVING this. There is so much amazing gold and it all just makes so much sense to me and is totally in line with how I aspire to parent. Thanks for all you do Heidi, it really is going to change our life, I am certain of it!"

Mom of a 2.5yo

"I felt so lost and defeated because I didn't know how to help my daughter. You helped me gain confidence in knowing that it's ok to let her just be. I don't have to discipline her and the 'keep her in line' mentality, which is of course how I was raised. Anyway, all this is to say thank you!"

Zoe & Jason, Parents of Two Girls

"There's been so much change in such a short amount of time. You see the changes every. Single. Day."

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About Heidi Rogers

Heidi is a psychotherapist, counsellor and speaker with 20 years experience in mental health, with a focus on trauma therapy.

Heidi has worked in the US and Australia delivering therapeutic services to clients across the age and cultural spectrum.

She works in private practice in Melbourne, delivering presentations, online courses and webinars to equip parents, individuals and schools with tools to implement the change they desire.

Heidi was born and raised in Los Angeles. She now lives in Australia with her husband and two daughters.

Follow Heidi on Instagram @heidirogers_